Visionary thinking, quality management and the competence of our staff are the backbone of our business and the basis for its strategic alignment. We are consistently taking up the challenges and demands with regard to product quality, safety and flexibility, thus ensuring our customers and us a leading position in the market.

Managing Director

Vice President International Sales

Area Manager Asia, Pacific, USA

Area Manager Middle East, Africa, South Asia

Area Manager East-Europe

Area Manager East-Europe, Scandinavia

Area Manager West-Europe

Sales Director Iberia

Area Manager South America

Area Manager Canada

International Sales Support

Area Manager West Germany & Switzerland

Area Manager East Germany, Bavaria & Austria

Sales West Germany

Sales East Germany

Sales South-West Germany

Sales Bavaria

Sales North Germany

Sales Austria

Sales Switzerland

Sales Support Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Marketing Manager

Market Development Manager Gynecology

Operative Marketing & Events

Marketing & Academy

Clinical Education International

Clinical Education International

Clinical and Marketing Development Manager in Asia

Clinical Education DACH

Head of Product Management & Innovation

Product Manager

Product Manager

Head of R&D

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

Head of Service



Head of Production





Head of Financial Management

Head of Quality Management